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Our office is equipped to supply you with a vast array of appraisal services and reporting options to fit your needs. Below is a listing of some of our more common service options. Much more is available.
  • Single Family Appraisal (1004 Form)
  • FHA Appraisal (1004 Form)
  • Land Appraisal (Land Form)
  • 2-4 Residential Appraisal (Multi Family Form)
  • Drive-by Appraisal (2055/2065 Form)
  • Employee Relocation Appraisal (ERC Form)
  • Desk and Field Reviews
  • Commercial Property Appraisals
    • Limited Assignments
    • Complete Assignments
    • Restricted Use Reports
    • Summary Reports
    • Self-Contained Reports
    • Small Income Properties (71B Form)
    • Consulting Reports

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